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ADICQ established the award in 2001 to honor the first president of the board of the association, Mr. Florian Bonnier.

Mr. Bonnier was committed to economic development of the Quebec chemical sector. This award honors him while highlighting the success of an ADICQ member.

Biovert is a Quebec company located in Laval, which has been developing and marketing household cleaning products since 1984.

Cleaning products and other household maintenance items designed by Biovert, such as dishwashing and laundry products, hand soaps and dishwasher tablets, window and bathroom cleaners, all-purpose cleaner, are fully biodegradable and ECOLOGO certified. The company sells its products in the biggest chains, among others, in Quebec, Canada, China, Russia.

Biovert currently employs fifteen people at its factory and at its head office in Laval. The company also actively participates in the growth of the Quebec and Canadian economies, by purchasing its raw materials from numerous suppliers located mainly in Quebec and Ontario and by employing subcontractors located mainly in Quebec. In addition, the company employs a few people with certain limitations, thereby helping to integrate them into society. Biovert's philosophy is based on recognized principles of sustainable development in order to offer families cleaning products that are respectful of nature and socially responsible. Employees who take public transportation are benefited. In addition, several strategies have been implemented to reduce waste, among others, Savons Prolav inc. works with its raw material suppliers to have their containers returned to them for reuse.

Created in 2011, Polystyvert's vision is to reconcile economic development and environmental protection by recycling polystyrene (PS). The company has filed several invention patents for the development of its technologies since 2017 in Canada, the United States, Europe, Japan, China and India. Technology is a process of dissolution. The polystyrene is brought into contact with an essential oil and dissolves. The process is very safe and selective at the PS. After filtration, the PS is finally put in the form of pellets which can be used for all conventional applications such as extrusion or injection.

For the past three years, the company has seen its number of employees increase by 50%. The company has invested millions of dollars in production and laboratory equipment. The company has received several certifications including that of Ici on Recycle by Recyc-Québec. Polystyvert sells licenses for their PS recycling technology and products in Canada, USA and Europe. The company has created one-off drop-off points for individuals and businesses, and has set up collaboration with schools to recycle as much plastic as possible.

B.G.R. is a family business founded by Mr. Bernard A. Bélanger, who is now in his second generation with Nathalie and Caroline Bélanger at the head of the company. B.G.R. joined the Amplex Chemicals and Regent Chemicals group in 1987. The group employs approximately 40 people.

Under the B.G.R banner, at the Pointe-Claire plant, iodine-based chemicals are produced. These iodine salts are used as dietary supplements. The company is the largest independent producer of iodine salts in Canada, and its products are distributed internationally.

In 2020, the team is working to implement HACCP certification for all products, which will increase sales on the European market, among others. The company is ISO 9001-2015 certified.

For information, in the same group, Amplex Chemicals, also located in Pointe-Claire, is a distributor of chemicals and Regent Chemicals, located in Valleyfield, is specialized in the manufacture of strong acids of high purity.


Our association aims to reward innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity, investment, sustainable development strategies and the community involvement of one of its regular members. 


Historique du Prix

Award History

In the past, ADICQ awarded Florian Bonnier several impressive companies:

- 2018 Winner : Nemaska Lithium 
- Honourable mention development of new markets: Laboratoire Campeau
- Honourable mention Innovation and investment program : Avmor

- 2017 Winners: PCAS Canada
- Honourable mention Innovation: Intersand
- Honourable mention 
Sustainable development: Sani-Marc

- 2016 Winner: Fleurarôme 
- 2015 Winner: Laboratoire M2
- 2013 Winner: QFI Biodiesel
- 2012 Winner: Enerkem
- 2011 Winner: Recochem
- 2008 Winner: Demilec
- 2006 Winner: Laboratoires Choisy
- 2004 Winner: Société Laurentides
- 2003 Winner: Produits chimiques Magnus
- 2001 Winner: Omnichem

selection CRITeRias

Criteria - evaluated over the last 3 years

1. Number of employees and growth 15%

2. New products or developed product range 15%

3. Investments in equipment (laboratory, production or other), and / or improvement or expansion of a plant in Quebec 20%

4. Efforts to develop new markets 20%

5. Sustainable development efforts 20%

6. Commitment and contribution in the community 10%

Total 100 %


1. Raise your profile with the Quebec chemistry and innovation sector

2. Talk about your achievements to the sector and the general public

3. Demonstrate your success

4. Highlight your team, your organization and your partners

5. Get media benefits

6. Enjoy a networking night in your area

7. Be proud to grow your business and be part of the chemistry sector

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