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The ADICQ instituted the FLORIAN-BONNIER prize in 2001 to honor the first president of the ADICQ, Mr. Florian Bonnier.

Mr. Bonnier was committed to the economic development of the Quebec chemistry industry. This trophy honors him while highlighting the success of an ADICQ member company.


Highlight the impact, in Quebec, of the development efforts of a regular ADICQ member.


Ms. Isabelle Petit, Assistant Director of Operations, and her team at Nemaska Lithium received the Florian Bonnier Award from Mr. Maurice Côté, Vice-President of the Quebec Order of Chemists, Mr. Jean-Jacques Drieux, President of the ADICQ Board of Directors and Caroline Piché, Executive Director of ADICQ.


Mme Julie Campeau, president, Laboratoire Campeau, receives the honorable mention.

Laboratoire Campeau is recognized for its analysis and formulation services, and has been successful in developing new markets, such as the manufacture of vaping liquids. They also developed vitamin vaping liquids for the United States.


Elyna Sok Gheck Tan, microbiologist, Avmor receives the honorable mention.

Avmor is a company recognized for its expertise in the development of professional cleaning solutions for the commercial and institutional sector. Their new product lines use nanotechnology to modify surface properties.





Avmor : Innovate through nanotechnology to change the properties of surfaces

Avmor is a private family company known for its expertise in the development of professional cleaning solutions that contribute to a healthier and safer environment for the commercial and institutional sector. Avmor employs close to 110 people at its Laval facility and has invested millions of dollars in production and its laboratory over the last three years.

MFS Technology Ltd (MFStek) represents the industrial branch of the Group Avmor working in the field of Nanotechnology. MFStek is a global developer and exporter of nano-scale and micro-scale multifunctional surface coatings and a supplier of custom additives and industrial chemicals.

MFStek specializes in surface modification using nanotechnology. The company has developed, among other things, coatings offering various properties such as hydrophobicity, hydrophilicity, oleophobicity, oleophilicity, anticorrosive, fireproofing, antimicrobial, prevention of UV / IR transfer, antistatic, chemical resistance without changing the aesthetics of the surface.

Avmor promotes MFStek's expansion and growth in international markets, so the company is currently exporting to 14 countries.

Nemaska Lithium: Facilitate accessibility to green energy through its products and processes

Founded in 2008 and currently in the demonstration phase, Nemaska Lithium is on its way to becoming a world leader in the production of lithium hydroxide and lithium carbonate primarily for the growing Lithium-Ion battery market, driven by the boom in electric transport. In 2017, the production of nearly 30 tonnes of high-purity lithium hydroxide, from both lithium sulphate and spodumene concentrate from the Whabouchi mine, demonstrated the ability of transformation. The commercial phase scheduled for the second half of 2020.  

From 2016 to 2017, Nemaska Lithium quintupled its number of employees from 12 to more than 60, a major integration challenge that translated into a united and engaged team.

At the Shawinigan plant, Nemaska Lithium innovated by bringing together multidisciplinary specialists who have developed the most environmentally friendly electromembrane synthesis process for lithium hydroxide in the world, using electrochemistry instead of conventional chemistry. Nemaska Lithium has 9 patents for the different facets of its innovative process all over the world. During the last 4 years, Nemaska Lithium has made investments of nearly $ 70M at its Whabouchi mine and nearly $ 32M at its Shawinigan plant.

Laboratoire Campeau: Systematic analysis of new market and control of the formulation

Laboratoire Campeau offers analysis and formulation services in the field of sanitary, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. In the last few years, the customer's custom manufacturing service has been added to their range of services. Their turnover has increased by 60% in the last three years.

This company distinguishes itself by being the only laboratory in Quebec that currently holds the three licenses to allow importation, storage of tobacco leaves and manufacture of nicotine for electronic cigarettes. Laboratoire Campeau manufactures vaping liquids for several Vape stores throughout Quebec.

Campeau Lab has also developed vitamin vape products for the United States, and is currently working with people who hold their Cannabis (medical) license for their tests.


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Award History

In the past, the ADICQ awarded the Prix Florian Bonnier several beautiful companies in the sector:

- 2017 Winners: PCAS Canada
- Honorable mention Innovation: Intersand
- Honorable mention 
Sustainable development: Sani-Marc

- 2016 Winners: Fleurarôme 
- 2015 Winners: Laboratoire M2
- 2013 Winners: QFI Biodiesel
- 2012 Winners: Enerkem
- 2011 Winners: Recochem
- 2008 Winners: Demilec
- 2006 Winners: Laboratoires Choisy
- 2004 Winners: Société Laurentides
- 2003 Winners: Produits chimiques Magnus
- 2001 Winners: Omnichem

selection CRITeRias

Criteria - evaluated over the last 3 years

1. Number of employees and growth 15%

2. New products or developed product range 15%

3. Investments in equipment (laboratory, production or other), and / or improvement or expansion of a plant in Quebec 20%

4. Efforts to develop new markets 20%

5. Sustainable development efforts 20%

6. Commitment and contribution in the community 10%

Total 100 %

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