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The ADICQ instituted the FLORIAN-BONNIER prize in 2001 to honor the first president of the ADICQ, Mr. Florian Bonnier.

Mr. Bonnier was committed to the economic development of the Quebec chemistry industry. This trophy honors him while highlighting the success of an ADICQ member company.



Axchem was founded in 2005. Between 2015 and 2018, the company invested several million dollars to acquire a production plant in Trois-Rivières in June 2016, which increased the team from 8 to 35 employees. During this same period, nearly 10 new products have been developed and marketed to meet the needs of customers mainly in the pulp and paper industry. The company has set up two new production lines with related equipment, equipped its laboratory with several new equipment, invested a significant amount in information technology and in the training of its employees, an important value for the company.

In addition, Axchem has also introduced a quarter of an evening to increase production and is already planning an expansion for 2020. The turnover has increased by 85% in three years. Production as well as it has increased by 143%. Certified ISO 9001 in 2014, the company obtained ISO 9001: 2015 certification through this growth in autumn 2018 and obtained Kosher certification for their range of sizing agent. Axchem supports various sports teams such as Minor Baseball and Alpine Skiing in its region and supports such causes as Leucan, Shaved Head Challenge, Alzheimer's, Relay For Life of the Canadian Cancer Society, and more.

TRI-TEX is a manufacturer of surfactants, textile products, adhesives and emulsion polymers. The company with 17 patents is ISO 9001: 2015 certified and employs about 150 people. Quality, safety and environmental responsibility are the cornerstones that guide employees in their daily commitment to helping customers.

For the last three years, the company has invested more than half a million dollars to improve the facilities located in St-Eustache, in the Industrial Park. In the laboratory, investments were made for the purchase of GC-MS and HPLC-ELS analysis devices. In the plant, energy saving projects were carried out to reduce the carbon footprint and a new process water treatment process was installed.

TRI-TEX develops its new products by promoting the use of renewable materials. For example, ingredients such as coconut oil, soy and olive are favored.

The company has significantly increased its exports to the Northeastern US and significant efforts have been made to increase the market share of their California plant.

TRI-TEX is involved with its employees and offers free francization courses for newcomers. The company supports many organizations such as, among others, the Jewish General Hospital Foundation and the St. Jerome Hospital Foundation.

LRBG Chimie is a 100% Canadian company headquartered in Quebec. The company produces formaldehyde for various applications as well as resins used in the production of oriented particleboard, hardboard and other reconstituted wood products. Between 2015 and 2018, LRBG Chimie has developed new specialty products with a higher profit margin. During this same period, the turnover of the company increased by 42%.

LRBG has invested nearly $ 1.4 million to improve its facilities, among others, in the following equipment: oxygen analyzer, cooling tower, variable speed air compressor, various insulation work, purchase of several flow meters, fire-resistant foam system, purchase of storage tanks, ERP system and methanol spray.

LRBG Chimie manufactures several types of resins that meet the CARB2 (ultra-low emitting formaldehyde) standard. These products make up about 60% of the production. The plant recycles about 95% of the contaminated process water on site.

The company exports a large part of its production and continues to expand abroad. LRBG Chimie is an active member of the joint municipality-industry committee (CMMI) for the prevention of industrial accidents (Longueuil).


The ADICQ wants to reward innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity, investment, sustainable development strategies and the community involvement of one of its regular members. Note the impact, in Quebec, of the development efforts of a regular ADICQ member.


Award History

In the past, the ADICQ awarded the Prix Florian Bonnier several beautiful companies in the sector:

- 2018 Winner : Nemaska Lithium 
- Honorable mention development of new markets: Laboratoire Campeau
- Honorable mention Innovation and investment program : Avmor

- 2017 Winners: PCAS Canada
- Honorable mention Innovation: Intersand
- Honorable mention 
Sustainable development: Sani-Marc

- 2016 Winners: Fleurarôme 
- 2015 Winners: Laboratoire M2
- 2013 Winners: QFI Biodiesel
- 2012 Winners: Enerkem
- 2011 Winners: Recochem
- 2008 Winners: Demilec
- 2006 Winners: Laboratoires Choisy
- 2004 Winners: Société Laurentides
- 2003 Winners: Produits chimiques Magnus
- 2001 Winners: Omnichem

selection CRITeRias

Criteria - evaluated over the last 3 years

1. Number of employees and growth 15%

2. New products or developed product range 15%

3. Investments in equipment (laboratory, production or other), and / or improvement or expansion of a plant in Quebec 20%

4. Efforts to develop new markets 20%

5. Sustainable development efforts 20%

6. Commitment and contribution in the community 10%

Total 100 %


1. Raise your profile with the Quebec chemistry and innovation sector

2. Talk about your achievements to the sector and the general public

3. Demonstrate your success

4. Highlight your team, your organization and your partners

5. Get media benefits

6. Enjoy a networking night in your area

7. Be proud to grow your business and be part of the chemistry sector


Ms. Isabelle Petit, Assistant Director of Operations, and her team at Nemaska Lithium received the Florian Bonnier Award from Mr. Maurice Côté, Vice-President of the Quebec Order of Chemists, Mr. Jean-Jacques Drieux, President of the ADICQ Board of Directors and Caroline Piché, Executive Director of ADICQ.


Mme Julie Campeau, president, Laboratoire Campeau, receives the honorable mention.

Laboratoire Campeau is recognized for its analysis and formulation services, and has been successful in developing new markets, such as the manufacture of vaping liquids. They also developed vitamin vaping liquids for the United States.


Elyna Sok Gheck Tan, microbiologist, Avmor receives the honorable mention.

Avmor is a company recognized for its expertise in the development of professional cleaning solutions for the commercial and institutional sector. Their new product lines use nanotechnology to modify surface properties.

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