Press release by ADICQ 

ADICQ 2015 Annual Conference – A great success!

Inspiring presentations, impactful networking and several projects to come!

Montréal, March 25th 2015 — ADICQ 2015 Annual Conference took place on March 24th at Bonaventure Hotel in Montréal, with more than 70 participants, 12 presentations and 4 panellists. Best practices and inspiring projects from big players such as Glencore or Gaz Métro, as well as ADICQ members Protec-Style and Sani-Marc were given. Laboratoire M2 and CEPSA Chimie were respectively recognised for their performances via the ADICQ Florian Bonnier award and MEIE PerformAS award.

Health, safety, environment, circular economy, Manufacturing in Québec, natural resources first and following transformation, company growth, R&D infrastructure and financing, collaboration and innovating projects : all these themes were debated, first step to several projects between participants. This conference is nalso the opportunity to give the flavour of ADICQ 2015-2016 projects and events, centered on the 7 structuring themes to accompany companies development.

The event allowed several meetings between people not knowing each other, generating several ideas and projetc opportunities, confirming the concept « Chemistry everywhere! ». « Participants discovered new concepts, such as the circular economy, got fresh 2015 figures on manufacturing in Québec, by Deloitte, and reflected on business opportunities from the panel and networking. Finally, participants gave their feedback on which projects, according to nthe 7 structuring themes, to be developped in 2015-2016 by ADICQ, to meet companies needs and expectations» told ADICQ executive director Alain Renard.

Association for the development and innovation in chemistry in Québec (ADICQ)'s mission is to support the development of chemical industry in Quebec.

For more information, please contact Alain Renard, ADICQ executive director.
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Communiqué de presse ADICQ - Colloque Annuel 24 mars 2015.